H&M Eye shadows as well as blush evaluation

March 12, 2022 By sakura 0

I bought a lot of H&M beauty products back in January during my free for all month of makeup haulage.   I had been eagerly waiting to try the H&M beauty ever since they re-vamped their line in late 2015.  Whenever I try out a makeup line for the very first time, I always default to the products I’m most comfortable with: eye shadows as well as blushes!

• High effect Eye color single Eye shadow in down to Earth, Cocoa Mauve, as well as Shiitake
• Pure glow Powder Blusher in Deep Brown

I’ve had a possibility to wear these for a while so it’s high time I evaluation them!

The outer boxes of the H&M beauty products are truly stylish with the black & white photography as well as gold foil lettering.
High effect Eye color single Eye Shadows

Narrowing down to these 3 colours was rather difficult since the colour offering is rather vast (I count at least 50 colours) as well as many of the shades are so similar to every other:

They retail for C$7.99 each for 2g of product.

“A silky smooth eye shadow that blends quickly for a vivid, velvety surface that stays put. offered in a wide variety of curated colours as well as captivating impacts – from soft mattes to rich shimmers to strong metallics, the possibilities are endless. wear it on top of eye primer for even more intense as well as long-lasting results.”

L zu r:
Down to earth – shimmer finish, deep grey taupe
Cocoa Mauve – matte finish, mauve brown
Shiitake – metallic finish, light great tan

My favourite shade is Shiitake, complied with by down to earth – both of these are luxurious as well as pigmented.  I discovered Cocoa Mauve to be not as pigmented as well as used a bit patchy, although it did blend out nicely.

The packaging is nice however there’s a great deal of useless additional plastic around the pan – compared to MAC as well as Essence single shadows:

MAC Prepped for Glamour, H&M Shiitake, Essence 58 Cappuccino, Please! The MAC is 1.7g vs H&M’s 2g vs Essence’s 2.5g pan.
Price-wise, I believe C$7.99 is a bit bit steep for H&M – which is understood for its “fast fashion” – as well as thinking about that MAC eye shadow refills are now C$8 each.  I believe a $2 cost decrease would be more according to the brand.

• Pigmented
• long wearing
• knitterfrei
• Mischt gut
• wide colour as well as surface range

• extreme plastic casing
• high quality inconsistent between shimmer as well as matte

Krennerwürdigkeit: 8/10

Pure glow Powder Blusher

I was originally set to buy at least 2 blushes however I discovered the choice to be lacking – most of the colours did not swatch well on my skin.

I ended up with just Deep Brown which cost C$12.99 for 5g.

The shade Deep brown isn’t as well deep or truly all that brown – it’s more of a mauvey increased that’s mainly matte with a small bit of satin sheen.

I discovered the texture of the blush to be truly thin – I have to stack on the layers for it to show up on my skin. On the flip side, it’s extremely simple to blend as well as doesn’t leave any type of harsh lines.  On my cheeks, I noted that it did not last extremely long as well as would begin fading by around the 5 hr mark.

And the packaging – it’s extremely Instagram-friendly with the hexagon shape – as well as it’s unique in my collection. Although there is a bit of excess plastic, the compact itself is rather thin. right here it is compared to MAC blush (Cubic is shown) which is 6g.

I did really compare this H&M blush against MAC Cubic in this post here.

• simple to blend
• nice packaging

• Not pigmented
• faded quickly

Stash worthiness: 5/10

I’d likely not purchase one more H&M blush however would think about more of the eye shadows.

Both products are made in Italy. I should note that not all of the H&M collection are made in Italy so care should be taken to checked out the fine print. For instance, one of the heavily promoted product during the launch, the Eyeshadow combination (shown in Smoky Nudes):

Is really made in China, so I passed on it.

I just recently had one more look at the H&M beauty collection at the store as well as I would be thinking about trying the All-Day liquid foundation (C$14.99) as well as tinted Lip Balm (C$7.99) – both are made in the EU

Have you tried any type of H&M beauty products? What would you suggest to try?

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